Fun, Fitness, and Futures

About Us

Gymnastics,  Tumbling, Acrosports, and Fitness all makeup the Kidsports curriculum.  Our new 12,000 sq. ft. fully equipped facility offers the finest equipment in Helena including all the latest training aids for the safest learning experience available.  Kidsports boasts the largest in-ground foam pit safety landing system in Montana. Every boys and girls event has access to the pit system. All of our trampolines are placed at ground level and flow into the safety pits. Kidsports also features a separate preschool gymnastics area, a 1200 sq. ft. educational preschool room and the best parent observation area you will find.  Our awesome staff and support personnel care about your kids and work hard to provide a great experience for your child.

Helena Kidsports began in 1989 as the dream of Denny and Betsy Allen. Their goal was to create a sports program for Helena that not only included gymnastics but other related activities as well. Currently Kidsports offers preschool gymnastics, pre-competitive programs, Jumpstart Preschool, competitive teams and birthday parties.


“Fun, Fitness and Futures” is our mantra. We strive to offer every child a place to succeed within our program.