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Level 6X Proposal Document               2015 Competition Fees

2015 Girls Meet Schedule                      2015 Boys Meet Schedule  

Gymnastics In General (Written by a team parent)

  • Gymnastics is a full-time, year-round commitment and only increases as your gymnast advances through the sport (practice of up to 5 times per week).
  • Gymnastics is a very demanding sport – not only physically, but mentally.
  • Gymnastics is an individual AND team sport.
  • Gymnastics is expensive! In addition to monthly gym fees and annual equipment fees there are USA Gym annual dues, meet competition fees, apparel (leotards, warm-ups, etc.), and travel costs (gas, hotels, meals, etc.) that are automatically a part of competition. Other possible costs include training camps.
  • You need to support the coaches, trust their experience and capabilities, and have an open line of communication with them.
  • ALL kids progress at different rates. Levels are based on skills, motivation, and personalities, not on age and/or size and does NOT equal success! Letting kids progress at their own speed leads to a confident athlete. Keep in mind that pushing them past their physical capabilities can lead to injuries.
  • The team is another “family” to your gymnast. Teammates are the only friends that can truly understand and sympathize with the demands of the sport.
  • To support your gymnast you need to be INVOLVED! Other parents can be an important support system to you, and are people you will be spending a LOT of time sitting next to on the bleachers!
  • Realistically, we all know that our kids our not going to the Olympics, so let them benefit from all the POSITIVES the sport has to offer!
  • IMPORTANT – Most communication between coaches, parents, etc. is done by email, so please (especially going into the meet season when things change daily) check your email accounts regularly and update any change in email address of where you want your information going.

Meet Prep

  • TRAVEL: It is not required that you stay the night before a meet, but it is HIGHLY recommended! The lower levels overall tend to compete first thing in the morning. Traveling early that morning risks car problems, bad roads, road weary travelers, and just plain running late. Being there ahead of time guarantees your timely appearance and helps avoid stress not only to your gymnast, but the coach and team as well. It is also encouraged that you drive the path from your hotel to the meet venue the night before so you know where you’re going and how long it will take you the next morning.
  • HOTELS: If your are interested in staying with the rest of the team (it is not required) the MHGBC travel coordinator will be attempting to obtain special rates with motels at our different venues. Swimming and using the hot tubs the night before is strongly discouraged as it leads to over-tiredness, dehydration, and soft/dry skin (susceptible to rips). It is best to relax and get a good night’s sleep before competition.
  • MEET TIMES: Can change up until the last minute. Denny or Zach will email meet times as SOON as the receive them from the host gym, so keep a close eye on your email. Expect to have your gymnast at the venue 15 minutes prior to the meet to ensure timeliness and lower the stress level caused by running late.
  • MEALS: Every kid will react to the stress differently – headaches, tummy aches, etc.. Trust your gymnast to know what s/he can “stomach” when it comes to eating before a meet, but encourage it to be healthy (not greasy or sugary). Once the initial adrenaline wears off, they can snack if they need a pick-me-up and plan on a good meal to celebrate afterwards!

Meet Etiquette

  • DRESS CODE: Hair – Up, neat and tight, and away from the face. Braids and pony tails should be worn low to prevent them from flopping into their face during flips and turns. Make sure any scrunchies, ribbons, or other hair items are in secure to prevent them from “flying” out during a routine (distracting the judges and creates floor hazards for the gymnasts). Apparel – they should arrive at the meet dressed in their team leotards/uniforms and warm-ups. Full warm-ups (tops and bottoms) will be worn during awards ceremonies. Girls’ under garments should not show (if needed, it is best to purchase nude colored ones cut specific to leotards, available through gymnastics vendors). Bling – NO jewelry, nail polish, stamps, or temporary tattoos, etc..
  • BACKPACKS: You gymnast should have a backpack or other small bag on the floor during the meets, so make sure anything s/he needs (or may want) is in it. Suggested items are healthy snacks that are fairly mess-free (carrot sticks, apple slices, cheese sticks, pretzels, granola bars) for sudden hunger pain, a water bottle, chap stick, extra hair bands and athletic tape (for minor first-aid emergencies). They may also want a pair of slippers to ward of cold feet caused by gym floors.
  • PARENTS: When you arrive at a meet you essentially turn your child over to the coaches. Please be assured that they will act in your child’s best interest and will seek your assistance if they decide it is necessary (i.e. injuries, melt-downs, etc.). NO ONE is allowed on the floor during a meet except for USA Gym members! Be prepared for good days and bad days – either way your gymnast will be looking to you for love and support, so be ready with smiles, thumbs-ups, and high-fives – Please leave the criticism to the coaches and judges! Also be aware that we are setting an example for our children, as well as representing MHG as a whole, and regardless of how other may act, ALWAYS TAKE THE HIGH ROAD! Be aware that there will be other team parents around you and we don’t want anyone overhearing negative comments about anything or anyone!
    • GENERAL INFORMATION: Expect to pay an entry fee for you and your family (gymnasts get in free) – most gyms offer a family rate. Concessions are usually available although not always the highest quality as far as healthiness and cleanliness goes (nachos, popcorn, etc), therefore, not usually the best for your gymnast. Some meets have programs, raffle baskets, 50/50 drawings, shout-outs, meet t-shirts/sweatshirts, and other gymnastics novelty items for purchase. Awards vary by meet (USA Gym award and age group requirements are only for the state meet), so prepare your gymnast that s/he may not always receive a token of participation.
  • CAMERAS: No flash photography is allowed during meets! If you do not have a special camera that is equipped to take high-action, low-light pictures without a flash you will have plenty of opportunity to capture that special moment during awards ceremonies! Your gymnast may also be interested in watching videos of his/her performance.
  • JUDGING: Is EXTREMELY subjective! Be prepared that your gymnast’s best day of competition could just as well result in his/her worst scores. In that respect it is important as parents that we celebrate their accomplishments, not the aware they won or the place they got. If you have a question about a score you need to address your coach (NEVER approach a judge yourself!) – if the coaches have any issue with a score, THEY will file an inquiry with the judges (however, unless its going to make a difference of qualifying for State, etc. it usually isn’t questioned!).
  • TIME: Expect meets to run longer than the schedule reflects. Plan on staying about 4 hours in the gym for a standard meet from start of warm-ups to end of awards. It is important for everyone to STAY for the award ceremonies – even if your gymnast is not expected to receive anything! Part of teaching them about good sportsmanship and teamwork is for them to celebrate all the victories, not just their own. They could also end up playing an important role in winning a team award to bring home and present to the gym, which they celebrate just as much, if not more than their individual awards!
  • SIBLINGS: If you have other children, PLEASE pack them their own little bag of “distractions”, such as movies, portable video games, coloring books, etc. as well as their own snacks and drinks. It is not fun for them to sit that long without something to do and may result in fits, tantrums, and tears (very hard to focus on your gymnast and distracting for those competing).