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JumpStart Preschool

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to utilize the unique space of Helena Kidsports gymnastics
center to create an environment that will foster the emotional,
intellectual, creative, physical, and social development of our preschool students.


Movement Based Learning

Movement based learning is a way for us to apply the concept that when we
are engaged in movement of the body, we are able to access multiple parts
of our brain. When our students can access their brain and move their
bodies simultaneously, they are in a state of mind ready for learning! At
Kidsports, we are extremely fortunate that we have a huge place ready for
us to integrate a variety of sensory and movement-based experiences for
our learners. We are proud to also incorporate Project Based Learning in
our curriculum, because it naturally allows for our students to be active
learners and integrate academics with movement, play, projects,
creativity, and critical thinking!


Our Goals

• Encourage language development, literacy, mathematical reasoning, and scientific inquiry
• Build confidence in social dynamics, allowing positive interactions within a group setting
• Design physical challenges that promote fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, balance, and strength
• Create a safe, nurturing and caring environment for our learners